What It Means To Be A Man

One of my friends asked me what it means to means to be a man. This is my amateurish attempt to answer it. I was inspired by Kipling. Nowhere near his calibre but I tried.


When there is darkness all about,

And also deep within.

When everyone seems to doubt you,

And when the blood runs thin.


You walk with fire in your eyes,

And flames in your arms.

The strength of iron, steel and sweat,

and your unshakable calm.


When times frown upon yourself,

The tides turn against you.

When all your labours are for naught,

All those efforts wasted too.


Laugh and smile and roar out loud,

Walk with a twinkle in your eye.

Love deeply all the things you made,

Trust in your wings that they can fly.


When the foe is strong, mighty too,

When you can’t stop to shake.

When those you oppose are legion,

You just can’t catch a break.


Draw out the sword wrapped in stone,

And don your shining armour.

Shout out defiance like a king,

Don’t cower like a farmer.


When all heavens fall on your back,

Gods oppose your every move.

When death himself is chasing you,

With a deadly point to prove.


If you will fight with all your strength,

Do all you possibly can.

Don’t even fret if you do fail,

Dear boy you’ll be a man.


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