Appeal to the girl i saw

This one is about a girl I saw who works in the pharmacy I frequent. Unfortunately I dont have the courage to speak to her.



Her face I saw dazzled me and tossed my thoughts asunder.

Her beauty spoke to my inner light, I felt unencumbered.

Her eyes peered deep into my soul, awoke it from its slumber.

Her voice calmed all my raging demons, the angels surrendered.


Was she the one I seek? My purpose, my reason.

Oh why did we have to meet? Now I cannot sleep.

Her thoughts rush through my mind all the long season.

Crown princess of all creation, my heart is yours to keep.


If you please, Goddess Erato. With your wreath of myrtle and roses.

Grant me a boon my one and only true muse.

Let me write her a poem that my heart composes.

Better than Shakespeare’s sonnets, May the bard excuse.


And bright eyed Goddess Athena, please grant me the courage,

That I may look her in the eye and tell her how I feel.

Talk calmly to her about the weather like my friends encourage.

May she read this verse and hear my spirit’s appeal.


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