Reality – A short musing

What in the hell is reality,

Electrical signals in the brain?

Or is it a confluence of matter and energy?

All aboard the spacetime train.


When I touch your face is it just atoms?

Or are you more than the sum of your parts?

When we’re separated by miles this anxiety,

Is it just serotonin and epinephrine charts?


This longing for a purpose in life,

Can it be attributed to evolution?

A psyche designed to seek patterns everywhere,

Even in death, destruction and convolution.


What is sadness my dear friend?

A lack of dopamine in my head?

These feelings ain’t logical you say,

When I say I’d be better off dead.


Love and friendship can be explained,

With oxytocin being the culprit.

This feeling of self sacrifice for a molecule,

Is it truly worth it?


The brain is a wondrous organ, is true.

Computing this and measuring that.

But the feelings generated in it,

That’s where reality is at.


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