Defiance : A free verse experiment

This is my first attempt at free verse. Please, Please point out the errors and absurdities I have dared present. I know it still needs work. I don’t think im a very good writer but some of you who have followed my blog have made very nice comments. Thanks for the support. It encourages me to keep writing. Love all of you strangers.


Taking time to think about it,

this journey we’re all enjoying.

The ups, downs, twists and turns.

The hurricanes, hazards we all pass through.

The one companion in all our travels,

the lone voice of defiance.

This is my life, my rules it says.

The voice in the back of your head.

Keep faith, hold steady, trust yourself,

are some insights to be gained.

Never back down my friend, my body,

Till I collapse or till I’m dead.

The voice is me, so is the one hearing.

thinking I think is so endearing.

This game of which is which is fun.

without you voice I would be undone.

The childish jokes at inappropriate times,

the inebriated insidious whispers,

the chilled out high tones,

some of the things everyone knows.

The dull void within my head,

tries to silence my personal punster.

Sometimes though I hear it call,

have you forgotten me? I’m still here asshole.

I take comfort in the fact

that I can still rage against the dying.

Till I collapse the voice in my head,

will sing a song of defiance.


P.S. Not really good with punctuations which i understand is very improtant in free verse. Point out errors and I will edit.


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