Dark Visions

Dark trampling, sudden shudder,

Turn to look over my shoulder.

No one there, not a soul.

Silent whisper in the air,

Makes me think there are people there.

Miles of road, miles of road.

Rapid gait, uncomfortable urge,

The road begins to diverge.

A lovely path, a meadow dark.

Lonely me, a timid soul.

Fear that I can’t control.

I shall pass the meadow dark.

Footsteps, is it a friend?

But there’s no one ahead.

Visions of dastardly tales.

Pick up the pace, go faster.

It begins to grow darker.

No moon in the sky.

Sudden shift in peripheral vision,

Turn around to see a demon.

Dreaded clothes, gun in hand.

So ends my tiny tale.

Got so far just to fail.

See the face of the woman I killed.

Policeman takes the shot, I’m felled.


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