Was watching Bill Hicks again and got reminded its all just a ride so here is a silly little sonnet. No deeper meaning to be found here. I’d be pleased if you link some of the silly stuff you’ve written and as always – enjoy the ride.


Tinkering with time, struggling with singularities.

Surfing through space, pacing through probabilities.


Building Einstein-Rosen bridges through wandering wormholes.

Galivanting on gravity using tachyonic cyber souls.


Collapsing multiple multiplying Schrodinger wave equations.

Resurrecting dead cats, other uncanny situations.


Calculating velocity and positions of travelling electrons.

Undermine uncertainty with negatively charged anti-protons.


Up, down, top, bottom, charmed and strange,

Are just some of the flavours of which quarks are made.


Quantifying strange matter into Bose-Einstein condensate.

Ruining Rubik’s reputation using cheap adhesive paste.


This is the space-time ride my friend.

Where the beginning is uncertain and so is the end.


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