Of Civil Disobediance

this one is inspired by a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley called The Mask of Anarchy. I reccommend you to read the mentioned poem as it was one of the first modern statement of the principle of nonviolent resistance.


Let multitudes bear upon you,

strike you down with anger and hate.

Yet the strength of your thoughts

and your calm will not abate.


Let blood flow, let guts spill,

let heads roll as we are killed.

Let them do as they feel,

rush of my will shall not be stilled


They will come and kill us all,

they will erase our trace from history.

But the seeds that we’ve sown,

shall grow through the centuries.


We will rise again and again,

till our goal has been met.

They will come again and again,

till their thirst has been quenched


This clash of ideals shall not stop,

they will come and we will wait.

One day in the future to come,

their shame will overcome their hate.


This too shall come to pass,

that much I know to be true.

This faith I have in my ideas,

shall overcome the wickedest of you.



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