Walking alone through life’s meandering path.

“Imposter, imposter” I hear them cry.

This fame, name, recognition, all,

cannot assuage me of the fear deep inside.

I am worthless,

less than a dog howling at unseen fabrications.

I am worthless, truly.

Perhaps it is chance and simple minded folks that have led me here.

Through no talent of my own has come my fame and renown.

“Ignorant fool” they say behind my back,

“Worthless coward” is another my mind imagines.

This dark, melancholic brooding departs me not.

“Imposter, imposter” I hear them cry.

So far have I come, so much that I’ve done,

all guided by lady luck’s charming arm.

The simple minded are taken in,

but, the people, they see who I truly am

Why else would they talk about me behind my back?

One slip up, one misstep and all this comes crashing down.

This façade built on meaningless words and tired rhymes.

This name of mine chanted by mobs,

will soon turn into a curse.

This fame of mine will vanish with a word.

And all that will remain will be I,

Alone, friendless, a fallacy of thought

Why did you not tell us? They’ll say

It was not your hand but fate’s that did this.

What will I say that day I wonder?

When all this comes falling down.

But today is not that day.

Today I sit in the warm embrace of fate,

and all is well today. Except

“Imposter, imposter” I hear them cry.


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