World War Ultimate – part 1

This bitter cold tears through blood and bone.

The sun hidden out of sight, permanently disappears.

Shell casings and mines strewn beyond the village border.

Out of the darkness some shadowy face leers.

What was that calamity that people referred to as war?

It was the greatest one ever they say.

In the end, no sides remained standing to win.

And in the end, they scorched the sky away.

The defeat was overwhelming. The loss true.

Never again would a war so great be fought.

There weren’t enough people left to fight another, I hear.

So devastatingly true was the onslaught.

The cause? The reason? I hear you ask.

Lost below that dead, desiccated corpse.

The burden of carrying on, dumped upon us.

Our brittle shoulders not worthy of the cause.

World war ultimate. This was what they called it.

Fought with forbidden science and magic.

Not a war between men, but between monsters themselves.

The loss of humanity’s soul. That was truly tragic.


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