Bird is the word

Swift like the swift I’ll wander about No manner of fear or doubt Will stop my fancy flying high Meandering across the blue sky   Singing like the nightingale does Of rivers and lands and desert fortress Of grasses green and water clear My voice won’t just disappear   Dive like the kingfisher in search […]


I spent today like any other day. Dreamed a few dreams, Relived a few nightmares. And for what? Just living another day till I die? What makes me come alive I do not know. What sparks a fire in my soul? These things I knew once. Perhaps. Forgotten now. Under the burdens of living. I […]

World War Ultimate – part 1

This bitter cold tears through blood and bone. The sun hidden out of sight, permanently disappears. Shell casings and mines strewn beyond the village border. Out of the darkness some shadowy face leers. What was that calamity that people referred to as war? It was the greatest one ever they say. In the end, no […]


This past few months have been a particularly dark period in my short 28 years of existence. Some of the darkest so far. I have emerged more fragile and more anti-fragile, both at once. The previous sentence may seem counter-intuitive but it expresses my thoughts as well as words are capable of expressing thought. I […]


Sometimes, somewhere, out of sight Without rhyme or reason. I walk by myself in the fading light, Pondering the changes of the season. I marvel at the beauty of this cycle. Oh cynical me is shattered. Witness to this pan galactic miracle, All black thoughts are scattered. I struggle to find the words, Nuances and […]


Walking alone through life’s meandering path. “Imposter, imposter” I hear them cry. This fame, name, recognition, all, cannot assuage me of the fear deep inside. I am worthless, less than a dog howling at unseen fabrications. I am worthless, truly. Perhaps it is chance and simple minded folks that have led me here. Through no […]

Of Civil Disobediance

this one is inspired by a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley called The Mask of Anarchy. I reccommend you to read the mentioned poem as it was one of the first modern statement of the principle of nonviolent resistance.   Let multitudes bear upon you, strike you down with anger and hate. Yet the strength of your thoughts and […]