Was watching Bill Hicks again and got reminded its all just a ride so here is a silly little sonnet. No deeper meaning to be found here. I’d be pleased if you link some of the silly stuff you’ve written and as always – enjoy the ride.   Tinkering with time, struggling with singularities. Surfing […]

Dark Visions

Dark trampling, sudden shudder, Turn to look over my shoulder. No one there, not a soul. Silent whisper in the air, Makes me think there are people there. Miles of road, miles of road. Rapid gait, uncomfortable urge, The road begins to diverge. A lovely path, a meadow dark. Lonely me, a timid soul. Fear […]

Banjara’s truth

I pick the pieces of broken glass embedded deep inside my soul. I try to heal the wounds the shards have left behind. I tell myself I am strong, I am a warrior, but this loser mentality does not abate. This void is all encompassing and leaches away at my strength. How do I live […]


What is this life I asked myself? Sunshine, meadows and rain? Or is there something deeper still Intermixing joy and pain?   What is the truth I wondered aloud? Is it the absence of lies? Or more a stream of conscious thought, Flying in bright blue skies.   What is passion and devotion? I said. […]

Appeal to the girl i saw

This one is about a girl I saw who works in the pharmacy I frequent. Unfortunately I dont have the courage to speak to her.     Her face I saw dazzled me and tossed my thoughts asunder. Her beauty spoke to my inner light, I felt unencumbered. Her eyes peered deep into my soul, […]